Are you ready to use your intuition to manifest financial success?

Major Arcana Tarot Journey Journal

While most tarot guides focus on love, relationships, health, and other trendy tarot topics, my purpose is to help you gain clarity, listen to your intuition, and manifest financial abundance.

Learn to manifest financial success and abundance through Tarot with "My Major Arcana Journey Journal," your personal guide to a richer life, in every sense of the word.

Explore a unique narrative of the Major Arcana, reimagined with a focus on financial success and wealth building. Each card opens the door to new insights and strategies for financial abundance and prosperity.

Still can't remember what each card means?

✔️Stop relying on memorization and learn to trust your intuition!

✔️Connect and Reflect: This journal is full of affirmations, messages from the cards, and journaling pages for your tarot journey.


Major Arcana Tarot Journal

What's inside the journal?

  • The Fool’s Journey, reimagined for wealth building

  • 66 Affirmations (3 from each Tarot card)

  • 22 Messages (1 from each Tarot card)

  • Card Reading pages

  • Video on how to get the most out of this journal

  • Reference pages

You'll also find plenty of room for journaling and reflecting on the meaning of the cards you pull!

Grab your free journal now and unlock the power of your intuition with the Major Arcana.

  • Dive deep into the Major Arcana. Set intentions, release what no longer serves you, and create a thriving space for your wealth and peace of mind.

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